About us

Welcome to our game ‘Corks’.

It is based on an old card game that has been played in our family for at least 80 years. Corks always brought everyone around the table and remembering how much fun it was we decided it deserved a make-over.

We tested the Corks prototype at the 2016 UK Games Expo playtest tables and after initially feeling like a couple of over 40’s who felt out of their depth in the game designing business we realised we were onto a winner when in the 90 minutes our table was never empty and there was lots of laughter.

We launched in January 2017 after a 3 year journey from initial concept, countless nights working on design and sourcing a manufacturer. In our heads we feel that there should be a fanfare to accompany this sentence!

We hope you enjoy playing Corks as much as our family and friends do.

To add to our excitement, Corks has been taken on by game developers Ginger Fox who recognised it’s a corker of a game!